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An article from the gambling cycle: That our life is a game!


The motto perfectly describes such a popular and romantically colored game – Russian Roulette. Otherwise, this deadly test of their Fortune was called Hussar roulette. From which neither the essence nor the actors do not change.

Brave officers, brave hussars - here they are, the heroes of this gloomy romantic picture. It could be friends and enemies, mystics and philosophers, demonstrators, it doesn't matter. The main thing is to have a revolver and a bullet. Traditionally, a revolver with a six-shot drum was used in Russian roulette, in which one bullet was left. The participant turned the drum, put the muzzle to his temple, pulled the trigger and passed it to the next one, if he remained alive, of course. If all the participants were lucky, which happened quite rarely, everyone went to drink champagne and celebrate such luck. If the outcome was not so positive, the player was buried first, and only then they drank champagne.

A game fanned by legends

According to most versions, Russian roulette has a direct connection with Russia and its brave brave officers. The most common legends say the following.

  • According to the first of them, in the 19th century, there was fun in Russian prisons - betting on the life of a person in custody. That is, while the prisoners were testing their luck at Russian roulette, their guards and sentries were spending money.
  • There is also a version about the so-called "court of honor". Russian officers thus circumvented the decree banning dueling. However, it did not work out for long, and soon for such a "trial" the participants lost shoulder straps, orders and were expelled from the army in disgrace.
  • According to another version, the end of the 19th century became the anthem of Lady Luck. At that time, everyone was unimaginably brave, treating death with slight carelessness and even making fun of it. The fact that a six-shot revolver of the Smitt-Wessen system was put into service also played into the hands of these romantics.
  • At the turn of the century, with the advent of the decadence era, Russian roulette "played" a little differently. Different weapons and slightly different rules. Nagan became the main means for aesthetic suicide, the answer to many philosophical questions. They often played for money in the form of wills written before the start of the game.

Currently, Russian roulette is more of a metaphor, an idea for screenwriters and writers, rather than a game in its direct, "live" sense.

If you 're lucky, you won 't be lucky

Anyway, but like any game based on lots, Russian roulette obeys the theory of probability.

So, when there is one cartridge in the drum, and it rotates freely, the probability of a positive outcome is one in six. But you can also reduce your chances by leaving more cartridges in the drum.

According to some testimonies, it happened that a brave player loaded the drum completely, and then popped just one cartridge, significantly reducing his chances of survival.

There is an opinion that a well-oiled drum can provide a great service to the player. The fact is that when such a drum rotates with one Russian Roulettecartridge inside, it will stop in such a way that the bullet will be at the bottom. Therefore, one of the rules of the game is the spinning of the drum in the vertical position of the revolver.
And of course, you can put a revolver not to the temple, but to another part of the body, significantly increasing the chances of staying alive. In one of the variations of this "razor-sharp" game, after the promotion, the revolver is directed at the enemy, not at itself. Well, what's not a duel!

And, despite that:

  • that it's not as easy to get a revolver today as it was in the 19th century,
  • that it is illegal to have a weapon without a permit,
  • that the very concept of Russian roulette excites the minds and fantasies of many, but rather as a myth, as a legend,

Fortune is no, no, and will call a hot and gambling player to the game. And sometimes, the player is lucky. And sometimes - no…