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Article from the gambling cycle: Legends of Sin City


Brilliant and charming Las Vegas. "Shelter of lost souls", "sin city", "factory of excitement" and a true paradise for those who dared to challenge Lady fortune. This city can rightfully be called the world capital of gambling. We say "casino" - we mean "Vegas", we say "Vegas" - we mean "casino". This oasis in the middle of a dead lifeless desert has existed for more than two centuries and today is one of the world's largest recreation and entertainment centers. In this article we will touch upon the most striking of his legends - the most famous casinos of Sin City.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Speaking about the legendary gambling establishments of Las Vegas, it is difficult to ignore the oldest casino operating on its territory, founded in those distant times when there was only a small settlement on the site of the modern city. The infamous "Flamingo" was built in 1946 by the famous gangster Benjamin Siegel, nicknamed Bigsy. Obsessed with the dream of turning a modest town into a new Monte Carlo, Siegel undertook the construction of the most luxurious hotel and entertainment complex at that time and gave it the name "Flamingo" in honor of his beloved Victoria Hill, a long-legged beautiful actress.Flamingo Las Vegas
Unfortunately, the Flamingo brought only problems to its first owner. The opening of the casino turned out to be a complete failure, and instead of fabulous incomes, Siegel and his partners suffered only losses. Perhaps, if the "investors" were not the same mafiosi as Bugsy himself, everything could not have ended so tragically for him, but in the end the failed businessman was shot. Siegel was murdered in 1947 in his own home in Los Angeles.

Today, the honored veteran of the gaming industry is a little lost against the background of new, much more expensive and luxurious counterparts, but still remains popular, and the tragic story of its creator only adds charm to the oldest casino of Sin City.

"Flamingo" in numbers:

  • the construction cost Siegel $6 million, which is 4 times higher than the original project;
  • the casino area is 7200 sq. m. meters;
  • the hotel has 3626 rooms

Mirage Hotel Casino

In the late 80 years, Las Vegas began to lose its position, losing the title of leader of the gambling industry to its main competitor - Atlantic City. However, in November 1989, successful entrepreneur Steve Wynn opens the Mirage Casino and the popularity of Sin City soars to the skies again. Winn's project became the benchmark for all gambling establishments built subsequently. It was the Mirage that set the course for luxury, reliability and security, became an example of a high-class gambling establishment, which is not surprising at all, because the casino was built with money from Wall Street. For the first time, video surveillance cameras operating around the clock appeared in gaming halls, and gaming tables for smokers and non-smokers were separated.
The design of the "Mirage" still amazes the imagination of visitors. Mirage Hotel Casino
An island of tropical exoticism in the heart of Las Vegas with numerous palm trees and waterfalls. There is a colossal aquarium in the lobby of the hotel. Those who wish can also admire rare representatives of tropical fauna: lions, tigers, panthers, elephants. And in the dark, every hour you can see the eruption of a huge active volcano, exuding the aroma of pina colada.

"Mirage" in numbers:

  • the budget of the complex was about $ 730 million;
  • the success of the casino was so stunning that in 18 months the owners repaid the loan taken for its construction, designed for 7 years;
  • the casino area is 9300 square meters;
  • the casino has more than 2000 slot machines, 130 playing and 20 poker tables.


Another masterpiece in the collection of Steve Wynn was the Bellagio Casino, which opened in 1993. The complex owes its name to a small town on Lake Como in Italy. A huge artificial lake with singing fountains in front of the entrance is the hallmark of Bellagio. Winn remained true to himself, creating a truly luxurious establishment. What is worth is only the lobby ceiling made of handmade glass by Dale Chihuly and a magnificent collection of paintings by great masters.

The Bellagio hotel and entertainment complex was built on the site of the Dune Casino, which was not very popular and was almost on the verge of ruin. Winn purchased it for $77 million and immediately demolished it, erecting in its place an even more expensive and luxurious complex than the aforementioned "Mirage".

"Bellagio" in numbers:

  • the budget of the complex was more than $ 1.5 billion, and the opening cost Winn 88 million;
  • the casino area is more than 12,000 sq. m. meters;
  • the hotel has 3933 rooms;
  • the casino has 2000 slot machines, 139 gaming and 30 poker tables;
  • the area of the famous artificial lake is 3.4 hectares, and the height of the singing fountains reaches 73 meters.

MGM Grand Hotel Casino

It is unlikely that the definition of "grandiose" is so suitable for any other of the numerous hotel and entertainment establishments in Las      Vegas. "MGM Grand" opened its doors to fortune hunters in 1993. The initiator of the construction was Kirk Kerkorian, and the owner of the complex is the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer film studio. It is no coincidence that at the entrance to the casino visitors are greeted by a lion - the symbol of this film studio. Today, "MGM Grand" is the second largest gaming complex in the world after the Chinese "Venetian Macau".MGM Grand Hotel Casino

The complex consists of a hotel and four casinos, decorated in various thematic styles. This is the popular fairy tale "The Sage of Oz", and Hollywood brilliance, and the sophistication of Monte Carlo, and for sports fans there is a casino filled with the spirit of sports competitions and their paraphernalia.

It is noteworthy that currently MGM Holding also owns Mirage and Bellagio. Kirk Kerkorian bought them from Steve Wynn in 2000.

"MGM Grand" in numbers:

  • the area of the complex is 85,000 sq. m. meters;
  • the hotel is designed for 5044 rooms, there are also 29 personal villas for guests;
  • the casino has 3,700 slot machines and 165 gaming tables.