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Countries with the highest gambling rating


Which countries have a high rating in the casino? Which nations are most passionate about gambling? Where is the most relevant poker game? And in general, in which nations are gambling extolled over others?

A big misconception is the opinion that we will talk only about residents of Las Vegas, India or Atlantic City. China, which has a rich population with a desire to get money in games, is also not a rating leader. The most gambling people will be discussed in this article. The rating will be based on the average amount of money that a user of a certain country loses per year.

Gambling Capital has provided statistics that take into account the results of gambling, horse racing, poker, bookmakers' offices and other types. The total number was divided by citizens who have reached the age of 18.
For a clearer result, it would be worth taking into account foreign losses and illegal business, but this is too in-depth statistics, which no organization has decided to take up at the moment. Therefore, we will use the available data.

Some of the most gambling

We will discuss in detail the top five most gambling countries, and then we will highlight several localities that are also big fans of getting money through games.

Rating of the most gambling countries in the world:

1. Australia.
2. Singapore.
3. Ireland.
4. Canada.
5. Finland.

The fifth winner of the rating is Finland

Sports betting, lotteries and online games have become favorite games for Finns.
One resident spends about $533 a year.
They are really very partial to gambling. Based on statistics from the Institutes of Health and Social Relations, it can be concluded that more than forty-one percent of adults regularly play in casinos. The Finnish authorities maintain strict control over the conduct and operation of the casino in order to reduce the risks of negative consequences from the game, which exist beyond control. The state monopoly covers all online and real gaming establishments, and the income received from the sites goes to good purposes: the development of education and the improvement of society. Clinics provide free treatment to citizens who lose more than 120 euros and are addicted to casinos.

Gambling Canadians

Statistics say that the average amount on bets is $ 568.
Sports betting, sweepstakes, lotteries are relevant for the population.

Casinos in Canada are in great demand among local citizens and Americans from the northern states of the USA. Tourists often come here to relax while playing on the machines, play poker or roulette.

Based on research, seventy-five percent of the population constantly participate in lotteries: electronic, paper or draw. It is worth noting that the residents themselves do not perceive this as an addiction. On the contrary, a lottery ticket is considered a good gift for a Canadian teenager who wants to have his own pocket money.
Sports betting occupies a separate place in the list of favorite games. It's no secret that Canadians are well versed in sports and related disciplines. Therefore, it is only a pleasure to make sports bets for them. One of the most popular sports for them are: hockey, skiing, skating, snowboarding and other winter disciplines.

Gambling of the Irish

The amount of money spent per year per person is $588.
Sports betting and video slots aroused the greatest sympathy in this country.

The Irish people have always been one of those who can boast of a quick temper, a predilection for betting and discussions. Take, for example, the same Conor McGregor - an athlete with an ardent temper and a heavy hand. His contracts with bookmakers helped attract a large number of new users to the sweepstakes, who became the main team of fans. They usually meet in pubs where they broadcast the game, and emotionally cheer for the desired player.

Among fans of sports betting there are also residents who play classics on gaming models in casinos. True, they are an overwhelming minority, but a solid sum of money is going to be collected in a year. For example, in 2017, residents spent $2 million on gambling.

The country ranked second in the ranking, Singapore

The annual average amount collected from bets is $1,100.
Locals actively play in casinos and participate in lotteries.

Many countries take as an example the policy of gambling development in Singapore. Before the casino became legally used in the state, there was a Singapore Pools lottery. Then the operators got access to the opening of a sports bet.

The legalization of gambling establishments was carried out at the beginning of the two thousandth. The best companies were selected as business management. First-class establishments with a huge amount of gambling were opened at the expense of investments.

The main flow comes from foreign tourists.
The state carefully ensures that citizens do not form dependence. Indigenous residents must purchase a pass-through ticket or a subscription to the institution. However, this is not a hindrance for experienced gamblers. Slot machines such as roulette or blackjack are very popular.

The average income of establishments is so high because Singapore has a high percentage of well-off people and a good standard of living.

The winner of the gambling rating is Australia

Revenue per user per year is $1,288.
Mostly citizens play on sweepstakes and slot machines.

The number of players who have reached the age of majority in the country is 80% with an equal ratio of men and women. Gambling fans often visit slot machines called pokies. In this country, gaming establishments are almost at every turn, and slot machines are installed in various public places, whether it's a gas station or a store.
Sports betting has gathered a large number of fans. Millions of users pay attention to the main football league of the country, which cannot but please the bookmakers' offices. The companies collected a billion dollars in revenue in 2017 and continue to increase every year. However, this news does not please the state at all. Since 2018, a law has been in force in Australia to ban online casino advertising, and the electronic bookmaker does not work during the day. So far, this has not led to good results. The number of citizens dependent on casinos continues to increase.

Nations that also play in casinos

There are several other countries that are not averse to gambling. They included:

1. Italy. The average loss on gambling is five hundred and seventeen dollars.
2. Hong Kong. The amount of $530.
3. Norway is spent per capita. One of the strictest states regarding gambling. On average, the loss of each playing citizen is $448.
4. Greece. The loss is mainly focused on tourists. The amount of money is four hundred and twenty dollars.
5. Spain. The state's income from gambling brings 3% of the gross domestic product in the country. The average loss per capita is $418.