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Gambling News  Follow the latest news from the global gaming industry to get to know you when playing sports games. Under the guidance of our experienced team of contributors, our channel has conducted a thorough investigation to bring you the truth. Market investment news is a great opportunity for our clients: we do the same for our community. Below are some publications from universities near us to help you succeed and show interest.



You can now buy bonuses in BGaming slot machines

The well-known gaming software provider BGaming has made another surprise for gamers. An option will appear in the manufacturer's slots, which assumes the purchase of bonuses. By purchasing additional bonuses, players get a chance to win extra...

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 casinos for Canadians

A new way to play casinos for Canadians

In case you haven't noticed, mobile and Canadian online casinos, also called iGaming, have become huge over the last decade. It has completely changed the way Canadian Canadian fans know how to play their favorite games forever. The amount of online surfing available to Canadians is ...

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Microgaming Outsource Slot Machine Development

Microgaming is a large casino sports game design company that also specializes in the development of gaming platforms that offer all their games, including two online casino platforms and mobile casino programs.

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Denmark Regulators

Denmark Regulators Announced New Bonus Rules

The Danish Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) recently introduced a new regulation regarding bonuses and player benefits. The new rule stated that all bonuses and promotional offers must be available for at least 60 days.

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Regulated in Scandinavia

How Gambling is Regulated in Scandinavia

In countries across the world, the gambling industry is treated very differently. There are those nations who welcome the sector, recognising that it can be a major contributor in terms of overall revenue, while others choose to close their doors to the practise.

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The Biggest Winnings In Slot Machines

For some, the dream of becoming a millionaire seems far-fetched. No matter how hard you try to save up, probably you won't get a 7-digit bank account before getting old. However, for a lucky few, all they need is just one spin in slot machine. Who are they, and what are the biggest slot machine wins ever? All will be revealed in this article.

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Win The Jackpot

Win The Jackpot At An Online Casino

Hitting the jackpot is every slot players’ dream and goal. But, if everyone could get it, it won’t be interesting, right? That is why jackpots are so hard to get, especially progressive jackpots which give the hugest payouts out of any other type of jackpot out there.

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Real money casino tips

Real money casino tips

Casino rookies are often looking for clues or help with orientation, especially before using real money for the first time. Are you also attracted to real money winnings, but you’re not sure what is important or what to do? No need to despair, because our casino experts have put togethe...

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How Do Slot Machines Work

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Slot machines have been around for more than 100 years. It has been one of the most popular attractions in brick-and-mortar casinos. Slot games appeal to punters because they are simple to understand and the rules are simple.

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UKGC suspends BGO Entertainment license.

The UK Gambling Commission has suspended online casino BGO and its sister brands while it carries out a review into its suitability to hold a license, having considered that the company is “failing to protect consumers”.

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 playing at Online Casino

Benefits of playing at Online Casino

Online entertainment has become a very strange way to relax and enjoy the comfort of your home. That's why the Internet has a big impact on the casino industry.Online casino operators offering entertainment and gaming services allow you to enjoy the experience and live as if you were playing in a real casino.

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