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Interesting facts about online casinos


When a person goes to play at an online casino, he does not even think about the fact that he does not know everything about him. It's not surprising, but it's true. Virtual gaming portals hide a lot in themselves, and most gamblers don't even know about it. If you decide to visit an online casino, then you need to learn something about it. Knowing these facts will broaden your horizons. 

If you are ready to be surprised, then:

The first virtual casino was created back in 1997. It has been on the Internet for almost 20 years and is gradually improving. Previously, no one could have thought that they would play for money on the Internet, but everything is changing and the world is changing. The first casino was created by MicroGaming. It is this manufacturer that creates software. The first casino was named "Internet Casino System Version IV". At that time, there were real casinos in many countries. They could boast of a large number of customers. But everything has changed. In 1997, the customer base was minimal, and therefore the portals were not very profitable. There were more and more players every day. People went to play them on Internet clubs to try their luck;

The UK is recognized as the largest gambling country in the world. Some may be surprised, but it's actually true. Only conservative Englishmen can play not only in real gambling houses, but also visit virtual portals. Bingo or poker is most often played in this country.

The Lottery is considered the most popular gambling game. It is played by 55% of the inhabitants of the planet. Periodically, people buy tickets to try their luck and choose a big prize;

Today, 90% of players choose virtual gambling houses and only 10% remain adherents of real casinos. Of all the players, only 33% are considered professionals. All the others are just beginners or they just have nowhere to put their money. 65% of players with the help of such a game develop their logic and mind;

An interesting fact is that most often people who are already over 30 years old are addicted to gambling. At the same time, they are held in an online casino from 3 to 5 hours a day. Young people rarely pay attention to such recreation;

The largest win in an online casino is 17,800,000 euros. It was won by a resident of Helsinki, who is 40 years old. He placed a bet in PAF and as a result, the winner chose the Mega Fortune slot machine. The game lasted 30 minutes and the guy was really lucky.


Russian Roulette

An article from the gambling cycle: That our life is a game!

The motto perfectly describes such a popular and romantically colored game – Russian Roulette. Otherwise, this deadly test of their Fortune was called Hussar roulette. From which neither the essence nor the actors do not change.

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The first jackpot, or beginners are lucky

Millions of people are ready to invest their money in gambling. Fabulous sums are swirling in the everyday life of the world's casinos and underground gambling clubs. In most cases, the players lose their heads and, ultimately, are left with nothing. Billions of dollars every day, the owners of such establishments earn on unsuccessful players around the world. 

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sin city

Legends of "sin city"

Brilliant and charming Las Vegas. "Shelter of lost souls", "sin city", "factory of excitement" and a true paradise for those who dared to challenge Lady fortune. This city can rightfully be called the world capital of gambling. We say "casino" - we mean "Vegas", we say "Vegas" - we mean "casino". This oasis in the middle of a dead lifeless desert.......

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New Casino

Why go to one of the newest casinos?

If you are a traditional type of player and you have a favorite online casino that gives you what you need, then choosing a brand new gaming site may seem a little strange. We understand that. 

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cashback casino

What is a cashback casino?

Cashback comes from English and loosely translated means "money back". Many online casinos offer cashback for VIP players, usually it is about 10.15 or 20% cashback from monthly or weekly cashback when losing real money.

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VIP player

Why become an online casino VIP player?

Today, online casinos can be found in the darkest clouds, and others have a choice they can share. Despite the fact that it is interesting to play in different establishments, it is still worth focusing on online gambling in one casino.

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Gambling and fun - ancient and young

Gambling and fun - ancient and young

Gambling is a kind of entertainment fun built on risk and luck. By placing a bet in such games, the player has a chance to win. But there is also a risk of losing the funds allocated for the game. In most gambling games, it is impossible .......

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