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Neosurf: the choice of gambling enthusiasts in Europe


Neosurf   A distinctive feature of modernity is the introduction of new technologies into the everyday lives of millions of people – these include electronic payment systems, which have become widely used. It is worth noting that the idea of creating electronic money, which became the starting point for the development and formation of payment systems, arose quite a long time ago - back in the twentieth century. The first electronic service that allows real-time transactions originated in the United States of America. The so-called "electronic money" has firmly entered the everyday life of ordinary people - the issuing banks that issued them gave users the right to manage personal funds using electronic media for this purpose.

It is quite convenient to use electronic payment systems, if only because it guarantees the user a certain level of security. An increasing number of organizations around the world recognize electronic payment systems and perceive them as a modern means of payment for goods and services. It remains only to consciously make a choice that will allow the user to feel comfortable replenishing an account in an online casino and enjoying virtual shopping in online stores.

General information about the payment service

This review will introduce you to a relatively young payment system called Neosurf. Of course, many people are probably familiar with the world-famous Neteller payment service. He is the "progenitor" of the new Neosurf service.

What is the system recommended for use? This is an electronic Neosurf card, which is prepaid, its main task is to provide the client with the opportunity to make instant transactions, where money transfer is carried out exclusively in the Neteller system. Your money will be transferred to a virtual wallet, and subsequently a potential client of a virtual gambling house will be able to quickly, easily and without unnecessary delay transfer funds to his balance, thereby ensuring the comfort of the gaming process.

This payment system, like many other popular services, unfortunately, is focused more on European residents. Currently, residents of France, Spain, Italy, and Belgium prefer to use the capabilities of the Neosurf service. However, the developers plan to expand the territory of the service, and this idea is being implemented through a steady increase in the number of official outlets that sell Neosurf prepaid cards.

Usage features and security

Money transfer when choosing the Neosurf payment system has its own nuances - it is worth considering the presence of an upper and lower limit of the amount that can be sent to the recipient's account. So, the minimum transaction amount should reach 30 US dollars, and the maximum exceeds 4000 euros. The user will be able to learn more about the rules for making Neosurf electronic transfers by visiting the official website of the system.

Each Neosurf card has a PIN code, which is located on its reverse side. This PIN consists of ten digits. In order to use the Neosurf card, you should first buy it at one of the points of sale. Then you need to log in to the Neteller system, which will allow you to fill out a special electronic form, where a ten-digit PIN code is entered. The process of filling out a standard form, in principle, will not be difficult, because the Neosurf system boasts a clear algorithm for the replenishment process, which consists of several steps. This is very convenient for those users who have decided to use the service for the first time. Each transaction is subject to a commission, the amount of which is 1.5% of the transferred amount of money.

After the virtual wallet is replenished, an online gaming fan goes to the website of the selected gaming institution. There - in the section where the options for the methods of replenishment supported by the casino are presented, you should choose the Neteller payment system, after which the desired amount is transferred to the online casino player's balance.

It can be noted that such a replenishment option allows the client to feel protected, because the risk of fraudulent activity is minimized, and the client can carry out the necessary replenishment procedure while at home. The speed of the money transfer operation to the account is very high, which is quite a significant factor in favor of the Neosurf system.

Neosurf is a European service.

Residents of Europe can also replenish the electronic wallet of the popular WebMoney payment system by using the proposed service. The commission for the corresponding operation will be charged in a smaller amount, amounting to only 1%. The Neosurf electronic payment service recommended in this review originated in France, but over time it has become quite popular in Switzerland, Italy, some African countries, Belgium and Spain. The original card, which can be purchased in European countries, can have denominations that range from 10 to 100 euros. You can buy a Neosurf card at kiosks; in cafes; mobile and Internet communication salons.

How to use it?

The user needs, as already mentioned above, to activate the Neosurf prepaid card by entering a unique PIN code into the system. After this procedure is completed, the use of the card is possible for six months. If there are funds left on the old Neosurf card, then they can be transferred to a new card of the same system, which is quite convenient.

Results of the review

As a result of the review, it can be noted that the Neosurf payment service provides its customers with a high level of comfort, which includes the ability to quickly replenish the account, ensuring user security, and a simple algorithm for using the service's capabilities.

However, it is worth noting that in neighboring countries it is not yet possible to use the Neosurf system and evaluate its advantages, because the service is primarily focused on Europeans. We can only hope that over time such a service will be available to residents of the former CIS.

Fans of playing online slots for real money are also not deprived of the opportunity to use the services of this service. Currently, there is an impressive list of online casinos that offer a deposit replenishment option using Neosurf prepaid cards. The list of these gaming establishments is represented by 21 establishments (7 Sultans Casino, 7 Regal Casino, Caribic Casino, Casino 777, Next Casino, etc.).