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Paysafecard payment system


      What is attractive about the Paysafecard payment system for casino users

Cards with a nominal value of 10-100 € are distributed in more than 50 countries of the world, where over 650 thousand points of sale are open. In addition, the company does not cease to expand the range of financial services and offers to use a number of by-products, such as the My paysafecard account, a card for payment in stationary Paysafecard MasterCard stores and the Paysafecard mobile application. And the possibility of online purchase has expanded the geography of distribution of the map and made it accessible to residents of all countries of the world.
With Paysafecard, you can easily and safely pay for games, purchases on social networks, and Internet services.

By choosing the Paysafecard payment system as a payment method, players take care, first of all, about confidentiality and information protection. Security is achieved due to the fact that the card is not linked to a bank account, and no personal data is required to purchase it. Access to funds is provided by entering a unique 16-digit PIN code. Thus, payment becomes as secure as when using cash: fraudsters will not be able to intercept payment details or personal information simply because neither is linked to the card.

Another attractive point for online casino regulars is that prepaid cards are accepted in many establishments. Therefore, playing on different sites, you can not look for new deposit options, but use Paysafecard exclusively.

My Paysafecard and Paysafecard Mastercard

In addition to prepaid cards, the company offers a number of additional functions that simplify financial management. First, the customer can create a My paysafecard account to store PIN codes. It is suggested to upload the available PIN codes here, which will allow you to centrally control the balance and pay for purchases using a username and password. Thus, there is no need to keep cards at hand. At the same time, first of all, funds will be automatically debited from cards purchased earlier than others. When downloading the application, you can use your personal account for this purpose, which is available on your mobile device. Moreover, with its help, the client can not only check the account and download PIN codes, but also quickly find the nearest point of sale of cards.

After registering My paysafecard account, it becomes possible to issue a top-up Paysafecard MasterCard® card. The latter works by analogy with a debit card, but is not linked to a bank account. You can top up your balance through My paysafecard personal account, after which it is easy to make purchases on the Internet and 35 million retail outlets around the world using the contactless payment function. The card is delivered by mail within 14-20 working days. Please note that when ordering a Paysafecard MasterCard, you will need to go through the identification procedure, and after receiving the card, you should activate it in your My paysafecard personal account and request a 4-digit PIN code required to pay for goods and services in stores, hotels and restaurants.

Commission and limits

Although there is usually no commission charged for using the Paysafecard payment system and players top up the casino account without overpayments, exceptions are possible in some cases. So, a monthly fee of € 3 is deducted from the balance of the PIN code, starting from the 7th month. Also, after a year of inactivity, € 5 is debited every month from My paysafecard account. In addition, if the client wants to return the funds that were spent on the purchase of the card, but they remained on it, they will have to pay a commission of 7.5 €. Finally, the percentage is retained when converting the currency.

As for the Paysafecard MasterCard cards, the annual service will cost the user 9.9 €. The commission for replenishing the card will be 4%, and for paying in another currency or withdrawing cash from an ATM – 3%. The limits of operations performed differ for cards for adults and teenagers, detailed information about this is provided on the official website.

Positive and negative aspects of using Paysafecard to pay for casino services

The key and indisputable advantage of the Paysafecard system is security. The ability to purchase PIN codes without the need to specify personal information actually equates this electronic means of payment to cash, which can be paid online. Customers are also attracted by instant transactions and the absence of commissions. And, what is especially important for players, this method is approved by dozens of online casinos, and automatic currency conversion during payment will allow you to place bets in familiar monetary units.

Along with significant advantages, Paysafecard has three serious disadvantages, which should also not be forgotten:

check mark  there are no points of sale of cards in Russia and a number of other CIS countries, so the only available option is to purchase PIN codes online through an official distributor;
check mark  it is impossible to withdraw winnings using this method – it is suitable exclusively for making deposits;
check mark  a number of casinos do not accept payment via Paysafecard from players from those countries in which these cards are not distributed permanently.

We have tried to summarize and put together the main features of using the described payment system. Hopefully, now it will be easier for you to decide whether to use it to pay for casino services or not.