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Sweden is a Scandinavian country with one of the highest living standards and the lowest level of corruption. The third in Europe by area, while almost the last in terms of population density per square meter. Sweden is trying to remain neutral on the world stage. It is a member of the European Union, but not a member of NATO. Some more interesting facts about Sweden:

* The Swedish flag was invented by King Charles back in the XV century during the war with Denmark.
* Sweden is famous for long-livers. The average life expectancy is 81 years. They associate it with the northern nature, clean air and tranquility, which the Swedes are distinguished by.
* The average age of students is 30 years. And all because Swedes prefer to go to work after school.
• This country has the highest percentage of working mothers. Swedish women give birth closer to the age of 30 and do not stay on maternity leave.
* The child is automatically assigned the mother's surname at birth, not the father's. Many Swedes have double surnames. The most common are Carlson and Anderson.
* Swedes, as a rule, do not have a penchant for playing for money. And you will rarely meet ludomaniacs in this country. But casinos still exist.

A little history

According to archival documents, gambling in Sweden originated at the beginning of our era. And in the XV century, the first card games appeared. The opening of the first gambling establishment dates back to the XVIII century. But it did not last long. The church insisted on closing the casino, calling it a diabolical place.

In the middle of the twentieth century, legalized horse racing, lotto and small gaming halls appeared. And in some restaurants and cafes there have already been slot machines. But, since most people in Sweden are not gambling, slot machines were not particularly popular. Even despite the creation of NetEnt in 1996, which today is one of the leaders among software manufacturers, people did not play anymore.

In 1999, the first full-fledged casino was opened in the country under state control, and in the early 2000s four more. All four establishments have the same name - Cosmopol. And the range of games in all was the same:

* Slot machines with reels.
* Card games (poker or Blackjack).
* Roulette.
* Lotteries.

The CompanyaSvenska Spel is the controlling body in the casino industry. It also oversees the activities of various sweepstakes and lotteries. Svenska Spel is not just a company - it is a separate branch of government.

Today, as well as all over the world, online gambling is also developing well in Sweden. The government of the country carefully monitors foreign operators and tries to limit their influence. This is done in order to save money within the state.

The best Swedish casinos

Swedish casinos can rightfully be called one of the best in Europe. The establishments meet all standards of service and maintenance. The gambling houses of this state combine classics and modern technologies. Bars and restaurants are available for visiting, entertainment events are held regularly.
It is difficult to compare, and even more so to look for the best casino when there are only four gambling houses. Information about gambling establishments in Sweden is listed in table 1.
Despite the small interest of the country's citizens in gambling, this area brings up to five billion euros a year to the budget. For example, the annual total turnover in 2016 amounted to more than one billion crowns. Of course, tourists become frequent guests of the casino. However, our compatriots prefer other entertainment, and they are rarely found at roulette or card tables in Sweden.

Cosmopolitan Casino Stockholm  

  • Year of opening : 2002
  • Number of tables : 36
  • Number of vending machines : 400 

Casino Cosmopol Groterborg 

  • Year of opening : 2002
  • Number of tables : 40
  • Number of vending machines : 350

Casino Cosmopol Malmo

  • Year of opening : 2001
  • Number of tables : 26
  • Number of vending machines : 250

Casino Cosmopolitan Sundsvall 

  • Year of opening : 2001
  • Number of tables : 15
  • Number of vending machines : 140

The largest prize was 3.7 million euros, or 33.8 million Swedish kronor. A woman has hit the jackpot at a casino in Stockholm. In the online casino, the largest prize pool is equal to 4.1 million euros. The initial rate was only 50 euros.

Online sports betting is also popular. Swedes are especially interested in football matches and are happy to bet on the national team.

Swedish software providers

By far, the most famous developer company in the world of gambling is NetEnt. This brand has created more than a hundred games of various themes and plots. The following popular games can be distinguished:

* Star flash.
* Evolution.
* Bloodsuckers.
* Crime scene.
* Dead or Alive.
* Guns and roses.

Today NetEnt is one of the world leaders in the production of online casino games. It is not surprising that this brand has won awards in the field of gambling entertainment more than once. In 2016, NetEnt became the operator of online sports betting in England.

Features of gambling in Sweden

Since only four Swedish cities have casinos, online money games are popular. After all, in order to spin your backs without leaving home, you will only need access to the Internet and finances. This type of gambling is actively developing in the Scandinavian country. And foreign providers, knowing the income level of Swedes, strive to get as much profit as possible from gambling residents of Sweden. But gambling advertising in this country is allowed only to the state organization Svenska Spel, respectively, operators from other countries do not have the opportunity to compete with it.

Although this contradicts the legislation of the European Union, which, as you know, includes Sweden. Foreign companies are ready to go through the legalization process and work legally on the Swedish market. Moreover, this market is democratic. The cost of the license is from 8 thousand to 70 thousand euros, and the profit tax is 18%.

Swedish casinos have an age limit. Persons under the age of 20 are not allowed to gamble. The casino's opening hours are also controlled by Svenska Spel. On weekdays, gambling houses are open until three in the morning, and on weekends until five in the morning. The entrance ticket costs 30 kronor – this is the local currency, which is the main game currency. But you can also play for euros and dollars.

The Future of Gambling in Sweden

Established in 1999, the monopoly of the state in the gambling business has significantly shaken today under the pressure of the European Union. Due to the fact that local residents prefer foreign providers, it is necessary that domestic ones become competitive. The CompanyaSvenska Spel has already started work on the development of local services.

On January 1, 2019, the law regulating the conditions for obtaining a license came into force. According to this bill, operators will need to pay $45,900 for a license. The monopoly of the state has completely remained in the past, and the sphere of gambling has been divided into three parts:

* Competitive sector (online games and betting).
* Public sector.
* Swedish sector.

Types of licenses

Foreign gambling operators can get one of six licenses:

* Commercial online games.
* Bids.
* Games based on gambling houses.
* Games on ships in international waters.
* State games.
* Social games.

The license application must be submitted in Swedish. The license is valid for 5 years. If the requirements of the Swedish state continue to be met, the license is renewed.

A campaign to increase the knowledge of players

The state structure of Svenska Spel plans to launch a program at the end of December this year, the purpose of which will be to increase the level of awareness of citizens in the field of gambling. Advertising in the media and on the street will be actively produced. The amount spent on the campaign is $265,900, or 2.5 million Swedish kronor. Compared to how much gambling establishments invest in their own advertising, this amount is considered insufficient.
Also, the head of Svenska Spel, Anders Smis, said that by these actions they want to persuade Swedish players to choose local operators. The company has developed a strategy according to which providers carrying out unauthorized activities will be determined. A list will be compiled and the degree of their responsibility will be determined. The parameters for inclusion in this list will be:

* Making payments in crowns, local currency.
* Using the Swedish phone code.
* Use of the Swedish language.
* Advertising promotion of the site among the local population.