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Tragic cases from the life of casinos and gambling


How often do you hear from friends or in the news or read in articles like this, sad stories of people who only once placed a bet of 200 rubles and could not stop, losing thousands and millions in the end? In this article I will tell you about several situations from which people found only one way out.

Imagine a late evening, a bunch of slot machines in an underground casino, the sound of falling coins coming from all sides, a 43-year-old man losing over and over again. His wife, Victoria, agreed to share with me the story of their family:

"At first, our life was measured and calm. Everything is like everyone else's: we met, got married, had children. I worked as a kindergarten teacher, he was a deputy director in an insurance company, his own apartment, two cars – we didn't need anything. At some point, my husband began to come home late, the money that we had saved for studying at the institute for the eldest son began to disappear. I suspected him of cheating, decided to follow him after work. It turned out that all this time he was losing money in the casino!"

Further, according to her, everything only got worse - constant debts, dismissal from work made their life unbearable. They tried to be treated – it didn't help. After the sale of the car, the money from which was lost, a divorce followed. The result of their sad story was the suicide of Mikhail (that was the husband's name), the man hanged himself. He could not survive the loss of his family, especially considering the court's ban on communication with children.

And similar cases are becoming more common in our country. At the moment, approximately 14 percent of the Russian population has tried their luck at a slot machine at least once. According to rough estimates, they leave about 40 percent of their budget in gambling establishments.
What could be worse than death? Only an attempt to kill yourself with sad consequences. So, in a young family from Tver, a girl Victoria was fond of casino games. Even as a teenager, she developed an interest in slot machines. It was always just entertainment. She met her husband during another game. When they began to live together, they agreed that there would be no more excitement in their lives, especially for money.

However, Victoria could not stop, so when her husband went to work in another country one day, she went to play in disguise every time. No one knew about it. She was constantly on the phone with her parents, with her husband, with friends - she told everyone that things were going well and peacefully. At the same time, all the money that the husband sent was immediately lost in the casino.
A couple of months later, the husband (Leonid) returned home, but, as it turned out, there was no longer at home, as well as the girl. The apartment was occupied by new tenants who bought it from Victoria. They could not answer the question: "Where is she?". Leonid started calling his friends – they hadn't heard anything about her either. Then he went to her parents. Found… Only not in the same condition in which he left. The girl was sitting in a wheelchair – a spinal fracture, leg failure. She didn't talk because she was under psychotropic drugs, without which she would start having a terrible tantrum, Victoria was eager to play again.

Then her parents told her that she threw herself under the car - she wanted to commit suicide, but the driver managed to notice the girl, began to slow down, and subsequently the blow was not strong enough. Victoria had a nervous breakdown due to a lot of debts. Their further life together did not work out, nor attempts to put her on her feet, to restore her mental state. Leonid could not stand it and left her, helped only financially. That's how gambling addiction completely destroyed the life of a young girl.
Vadim from Voronezh is 16 years old. In the 9th grade, his classmates hooked him on poker. They often played at school during recess in the backyard of the school. At first it was an innocent game of interest. Then there were small desires like pulling some girl's pigtail or smoking a cigarette right at school, etc. After a couple of months, one of my friends suggested playing for money, they say, it's no longer interesting. 50 rubles, 100, 150, etc.

When large sums of money went, Vadim began to invent various stories (a trip with a class, a friend's birthday, etc.) and asked for money from his parents. But the stakes were rising, and then the guy began to steal some of the money from his parents, sold a bicycle and a tablet (he told his parents that both were broken). Friends tried to persuade him to stop playing, since he was so unlucky, but Vadim could not stop. He left a suicide note:

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry. I didn't want to upset you until the very end. I stole 30 thousand rubles from you that you were saving for the sea, I sold a bicycle and a tablet - nothing happened to them. I needed money. I was playing and couldn't stop, and I understand that I can't do it anymore. Don't blame Dimka and Roma, they tried to stop me. I found others, those to whom I didn't owe yet. I thought that I would recoup, pay off my debts to my friends, but nothing came of it.
I'm so ashamed. I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry if you can...".

The boy jumped out of the window – he could not withstand the pressure from his new friends. After his death, Vadim's mother fell ill, stopped talking. Until the end of their lives, their parents blamed themselves for what happened, what they could not stop. The story is old, but it fully reflects the whole problem of addicted players, especially those who committed suicide.
Experts say that people can get rid of gambling addiction only by consulting with a specialist. They also say that the richer a person's life is, the less he is drawn to such follies. But, unfortunately, there are too few such people compared to those who have a rather bland life.