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Trustly - secure online casino money transfers and payments


Trustly  Recently, the option of paying for various services using a cashless payment is gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the speed and simple algorithm of payments. The use of electronic money is a great alternative to the usual cash payment method for us. A modern user can easily and simply make purchases by visiting the website of the online store he likes, replenish the online casino gaming account from our top rating, pay for mobile communication services. Using cashless payment, the client reduces the risk of fraud, which makes the use of electronic payment systems even more pleasant and reliable.

With the heyday of virtual gaming establishments, various electronic wallets, payment aggregators, etc. become the main method of deposit replenishment. It remains only to navigate the endless sea of offers, choosing from the mass of options offered the one that is right for you.

General information

The Trustly system is another option for replenishing the gaming account and a method of paying for goods and services. As is the case with other payment systems, the transaction here is carried out in real time. A distinctive feature of the recommended method is the ability to make a direct transfer of money from a personal bank account to an online casino client's gaming account. This advantage of the system is enjoyed by fans of playing poker for money.

The Trustly company was founded quite recently – in 2008, and the "homeland" of the Trustly service is Sweden. This method of making payments is supported by the most famous bank branches of European countries. As the coordinator of online transfers, the Trustly service was previously known as GluePay.

The purpose of creating a payment system is to provide customers with the opportunity to make payments quickly and comfortably in real time. The offices of the payment company are located on the island of Malta, in Barcelona, in Stockholm.An interesting nuance when using the Trustly service for the user will be the absence of mandatory registration – the client saves his time, which could have been spent on creating an account in the system.

This type of electronic payments is not very popular yet, because it is used only in 8 countries of the world, and the number of partner banks supporting the Trustly payment system is approaching 60. However, it is worth noting that the number of users who prefer to use this relatively "young" service is steadily growing and currently stands at approximately 70 million. This may be explained by the independence of the Trustly service, which, moreover, offers guaranteed security to customers: the payment system has received a license from the European Payment Service Provider – this fact already says a lot.

How to use it?

Money transfer in the Trustly system is made literally in one "click", which positively characterizes this method of replenishment. The client can always control the amount of money that is in his account, making safe and reliable transactions. The number of online gaming establishments that offer the user to evaluate the advantages of this service is gradually approaching 50. Among such casinos, the following can be noted: King Neptune's Casino, Leo Vegas Casino, Monte Carlo Casino, Mr. Green Casino, etc.

In order to pay for services or do shopping, it is enough to have a credit or debit payment card that will allow you to use Trustly online. Registration in the recommended system is available for customers of European banks Swedbank, Nordea, etc. Among the fairly well-known casinos that accept Trustly as a deposit replenishment method, the Eurogrand casino is listed.

Customers using the Trustly payment service should remember that the transaction can no longer be canceled. In order to use Trustly transfers, it is necessary to fill out a special virtual form on the official website of the company, where the amount of the payment made will be indicated, the details of the services provided will be specified, the user name and the name of the partner bank will be entered. The payment system will connect to the database of the selected financial institution, thus finding out the necessary information about the buyer. The recipient subscriber will be notified of the transaction - the email indicates the code that must be entered by clicking on the link, after which the money will be in the recipient's account.

"Pros" and "cons" of the service

The positive side of using the Trustly payment service is also that it is adapted for transfers made from a smartphone and tablet, which is quite convenient and allows you to solve the problem of depositing funds in the shortest possible time anywhere in the world. It is worth noting that the recommended service will be available in countries such as Estonia, Poland, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Sweden. The Trustly system is also used when withdrawing winning funds.

The main disadvantage of using Trustly is that it is much easier for Europeans to become a client of the recommended service than for residents of neighboring countries. This is because the number of banks that support Trustly as a method of payment for goods and services is very limited, and they are located mainly in European countries. However, some inconveniences are more than compensated for by the high transaction speed, which is literally synonymous with the word "instant".

Among the positive aspects, we can highlight the fact that the quality of the company's service is constantly improving, covering an increasing number of European countries. The developing company Trustly has also been awarded good financing, the amount of which is approaching 30 million US dollars, which is a guarantee of further development and improvement of the payment system.


As a result of the review of the Trustly service, it can be noted that this method will undoubtedly be convenient for players from European countries. The deposit method is characterized by a high level of security, comfort of transactions, the possibility of using it without going through the necessary registration process. It is also convenient that Trustly is distinguished by high-quality software that allows you to make transactions using both a personal computer and mobile devices. It should be noted that the service is not yet very popular in Eastern Europe, but Trustly is constantly growing and developing, so its creators have plans to expand their field of activity.