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What is a cashback casino?


Cashback comes from English and loosely translated means "money back". Many online casinos offer cashback for VIP players, usually it is about 10.15 or 20% cashback from monthly or weekly cashback when losing real money.

Casinos offer cashback

In general, cashback is a good thing, but of course the conditions of the bonus / cashback must always be observed. In some casinos, for example, cashback must be wagered once before it can be paid with cashback in real money.

Cashback should now be part of a good online casino standard. Cashback is not only a greeting from the casino, but also a sign to loyal players that you appreciate them and would like to keep them. In principle, cashback has no disadvantages for the player at all, since it is a voluntary bonus from the casino, but we can only warmly recommend that readers of this article always read the conditions with which cashback is associated. You have to do it yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here is a small example: the player Muller loses 900 euros in real money in one week. Cashback of 10% is provided for these 900 euros, which corresponds to 90 euros of bonus money.

Now the player Muller is happy to start playing and realizes cashback in a very short time, but does not pay out, suddenly a lucky chance falls out in the Book of Dead game with a bet of €6 and wins more than € 10,000, which is no exception in the popular book slot.

Muller, of course, is very happy about the big prize and would like to pay and make his girlfriend a great gift. A few minutes later, a message comes from the casino saying that they violated the terms and conditions of the bonus, since 5 euros is the maximum bet allowed when playing with a bonus / cashback, respectively, all winnings are (legally canceled) by the casino, and Muller is standing there empty-handed.

Of course, we don't want such surprises for anyone, so it's better to immediately pay cashback with real money and convert it into real money as soon as possible, then this can't be. Of course, having a cashback taking into account the wagering requirements is not ideal, but it's better than not receiving any bonus money for the game at all.

Casino with no withdrawal limit

The topic of payment limits is always exciting. Many casinos have a daily withdrawal limit of 5 to 10,000 euros using various popular payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Bank or Zimpler.

Imagine that you get a huge win at a casino and you can't pay everything right away, it sounds like a huge nightmare at first, but this is quite normal in most casinos and there is nothing to worry about.

Many online casinos apply withdrawal restrictions that restrict the player not only in a single transaction, but also in the period during which the player can withdraw funds. But there are good reasons for these measures.

The terms and conditions specify the payment policy, any reliable and reputable online casino will provide these payment terms to its players. Usually these conditions are displayed at the bottom of the website.

Different types of limits

We would like to help you understand the different types of withdrawal limits so that you know what rules you are dealing with in an online casino, because sometimes it is not so clear.

Daily limits : you can withdraw no more than a certain amount, it is calculated from all combined withdrawals on a given day, depending on the time zone of the casino, this applies to 24 hours.

Weekly Limit : The weekly limit sets the maximum amount that can be withdrawn in a week, usually from Monday to Sunday.

Monthly Limit: This limit gives the maximum monthly withdrawal limit, which includes all transfers for this period. It is usually applied from the first to the last day of the month.

Reasons for withdrawal restrictions

Restrictions on payments are not without reason, the most important reason for an online casino, of course, is that you do not want to get into liquidity bottlenecks, this should also protect the online casino from unforeseen expenses, thereby ensuring financial stability.

Some casinos claim that they do not want to immediately pay the entire amount in order to protect the player from making a hasty decision. A lot of small payments can help the player think about what exactly he wants to do with the winnings, but in the end it should always be left to the discretion of the player.

If you win a really large amount of money as a player, we can recommend letting it sink in for a few days and maybe even contacting a financial advisor to invest the money properly.

High-stakes casinos

Due to a change in the rules in the State Gambling Agreement, some casinos have not been able to play at high rates for some time. Since December 15, 2020, many online casino games from Germany have a maximum bet of 1 euro and the duration of the game round is 5 seconds.

To be honest, regulation isn't that bad. Gambling is legalized, and you can play and make deposits in an online casino from Germany with a clear conscience. You are no longer moving to the gray zone, but completely legally to each of the federal lands.

But not all online casinos adhere to this new "rule", we write it in quotation marks, because this agreement is not yet valid and should be applied only from the summer of 2021. However, there is a clause stating that all online casinos that are allowed to apply for a German license must already comply with the rules prescribed in this gambling agreement from December 15, 2020.

Some online casinos seem like good advice, but are in a gray area. We believe that it is good if the player is free enough and can decide for himself at what limits he wants to play.

Refund Application

What is cashback? When is cashback provided? Read more about it in this section. Have a good time!

Cashback returns their money. The principle is very simple, you get money back if you bought something or just lost. This is always a voluntary service of the dealer or the corresponding online casino provider.

Cashback systems appeared around the same time as affiliate marketing. Cashback originated in the UK, where there are now more than 120 cashback portals on the Internet. There is usually always cashback with real money. There are also more and more forms of cashback for credit cards, such as credit rating, which is very popular in the USA.Here, for example, you can accumulate points to later exchange them for attractive prizes.

If you are worried about the legality of cashback, we can reassure you, of course, cashback is legal. Now we have a little more details about the origin of the cashback, but let's go back to the cashback in the casino.

Best Cashback Bonus

Determining the best cashback bonus is as difficult as naming the best welcome bonus. A lot depends on personal preferences. Of course, you should never ignore the terms and conditions and bonus terms of the respective casino.

A possible catch with a cashback bonus.
After you have read the bonus and cashback terms in detail, you should also pay attention to which games you really want to play and whether they are included in the bonus. Some slot machines are excluded from the bonus program, as well as popular table games such as blackjack, poker or roulette. So before you get disappointed, you should pay attention to this!

In general, it can still be said that games that do not have a big casino advantage and do not bring the casino as much money are excluded from cashback, but of course this varies from provider to provider.

Finally, it can also be noted here that it is always necessary to monitor the turnover conditions and restrictions. Some online casinos allow a maximum cashback bonus, others — unlimited, but you can know this for sure only if you read the terms in advance.

If cashback for losses is associated with certain conditions, you should ask yourself if you are able to fulfill these conditions of sale at all. As soon as you carefully study the cashback program in an online casino, you will need to calculate exactly how much you have to bet to get cashback for losses.

An important note about this: there is absolutely no point in registering at an online casino just to get a cashback bonus or because cashback seems so attractive, because cashback is always associated with losses.

Regularity and size of cashback bonuses

Again, every online casino provider is different. Some providers offer monthly cashback, other providers weekly cashback, some even cashback for a year. Here you need to know your personal preferences in order to compare the best casinos. The amount of cashback also depends on the provider. 10-15% of real money losses is normal, but it can reach up to 20%.

The advantage of a cashback bonus is that it is always worth it. You either get a few minutes/hours of fun (depending on the bet), or you manage to convert cashback and pay it with real money.